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mobility today & tomorrow

MT & Ayala Group - Mobility Today & Tomorrow

All our business units interact and work hand in hand. This closeness has enabled us to develop processes which are vital for each project and all divisions. We possess many years of know-how in production, we plan pragmatically in the area of manufacturing system design so cost is low and progress extensive. It is our aim that the newest level of development reaches production without any delay and can be implemented promptly.

mobility today & tomorrow

A Subsidiary of the Ayala Group

Since 2017 MT Technologies is part of Ayala Group and incorporated in AC Industrials.

The global presence of MT and the Ayala Group

About Ayala

Since 1834 we at Ayala have been the country´s long standing partner in its pursuit of progress and nation building. We have been developing businesses that transform industries, challenging the status quo and bringing innovation in the Philippines and abroad that contribute to the nation's social and economic agenda.

We constantly look for possibilities in the market to drive advancement. We see challenges as opportunities and tackle problems differently. We explore new dynamic business models and introduce pioneering products and services. We empower our leaders and employees to take initiative and make an impact in everything we do.

Because no matter what business we enter our goal isn’t just to succeed but to reinvent the way things work to change people's lives for the better.