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Design & Model Shop – Precision from the Beginning

Our strengths – your advantage

  • Your „One Stop Shop“ – from the sketch to the Show Car
  • We are shaping cubing technology
  • The base of our work is our high technical know-how, for which we have our award winning training concept (several state and national winners)


Range of Services

In the company´s own optimally secured design centre we provide our customers both the virtual world as well as physical model implementation in five different separate areas

  • Variable Design Studios
    Unser Design Studio
  • Milling Centre
    Unser Fräszentrum
  • Virtual/ Constructional World
    Virtuelle Welt

The following machinery is available:

  • 5 axle milling machine Jobs LinX Compact 35 (X 8200, Y 3650, Z 2500)
  • 5 axle milling machine Jobs LinX Compact 35 (X 6200, Y 3650, Z 2000)
  • 5 axle milling machine Jobs LinX Compact T2K (X 2200, Y 3200, Z 1250)
  • 5 axle milling machine OMV Active Five (X 2000, Y 1800, Z 850)
  • JOBS milling machine LinX
    JOBS Fräsmaschine LinX
  • OVM milling machine Active
    OVM Fräsmaschine Active