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Mould and Tool Construction – Industry Defining Standards

Our strengths – your advantage

  • Complex Injection moulding – Made in Germany
  • „Tool Doctor Shop“ – short reaction time and swift support in unforeseen events
  • Our tool makers with many years of experience in the automotive industry are the guarantee for your success


Range of Services

On a crane-operated shop floor (up to 30t) of 11500m² we produce prototypes and serial production tools of utmost precision

With our global partners we can thereby offer attractive prices

  • Prototype, serial and precision tools – all tool sizes
  • Serial production tools for functional components
  • Prototype construction and test component manufacture
  • Tool construction, CNC programming
  • Hybrid technology
  • Injection moulding (single and multi- component technology)
  • Internal gas pressure process
  • Reverse injection moulded sheets, vacuum moulds
  • Rear foaming technology, LFI
  • Rotating cube tooling
  • Drift eliminator strip
  • Reverse injection mould

The following machinery is available:

  • SAMAG deep hole drill and milling centre TFZ 3–1500 (X 2000, Y 1250, Z 1250)
  • 3 axle milling machine Huron, with a Heidenhein control iTNC 530 (X650, Y 500, Z 400)
  • 5 axle milling machine Grob (heavy) G 350, 5 axle (X 500, Y 500, Z 235)

Sampling is done on in-house universal injection moulding machines (250t, 350t, 850t, 1600t clamping force, multi-component capable)

  • SAMAG deep-hole drill
    SAMAG Tieflochbohrer
  • FIDIA milling machine
  • JOBS LinX milling machine
    INGERSOLL Erodiermaschine