Precision. From the beginning.

We design technology for the requirements of tomorrow. Whether tool and model making, lightweight construction, engineering, and series production - worldwide we work with and for the global players in the automotive industry and make progress with our innovative, sustainable concepts, even across industries. We are problem solvers and idea generators, but we also like to think outside the box. With passion and highly motivated for your success. We rely on synergies with our subsidiary C-CON and our strong partner Ayala Corporation Industrials (ACI).

Impact. Advanced Technology

Leadership proven by tradition.

Our fascination with manufacturing and model making looks back on more than 150 years of company tradition of the founding family Misslbeck. Helping to shape outstanding products is what drives us. This is true today and in the future. Networked, digital, global. This means for us plenty of new opportunities to continue to inspire our customers! With access to a comprehensive range of technologies, we are perfectly equipped to shape upcoming changes in the mobility and energy industry.


From visions. To innovations.

One-Stop-Shop. Everything starts with an idea.

Every innovation concept has one goal: an improved, future product. Using the latest technologies, we show how much potential it has and how it can move and advance a wide variety of fields. In this way, we shape innovations into applications, accompany them all the way to series production, and ensure that our customers continue to play a pioneering role in the future. Guided by this goal we set standards from the idea to its implementation.


Who we are The company

The long and successful family history of Misslbeck looks back on pioneers and design engineers who still shape the company today. Today, MT Technologies with its subsidiary C-CON is represented at a total of 10 locations throughout Germany. Due to the international participation of Ayala Corporation Industrials, we are a leading manufacturer and partner in the business areas of engineering, design, production and system integration. Long-term thinking and responsible action are the basis of our economic success. With effective solutions we support our customers to meet the challenges of the different markets in the best possible way.

Strong Partners Worldwide hand in hand

Best equipped for change.

Prepared for growing project sizes worldwide in a stable and sustainable manner, the Ayala Group with its industrial division ACI has been at our side as a strong partner since 2017. To raise the bar a little higher, we have significantly strengthened our leading position by acquiring a stake in the innovative company C-CON in the areas of complete vehicles, production and lightweight construction, especially CFRP technology. This pays off - for you and for us.

Talents wanted We offer a lot

Creativity and innovation come from people.

At MT Technologies, you can help shape processes from day one - in and for your job. Our employees are our most valuable asset. For sure we are aware of this and live and act accordingly. For our company we are looking for people who want to tackle the future together with us with heart and hand. Whether professionals, young professionals, students or pupils, the diversity of our employees has been the basis of our success for more than 150 years and makes us a very special employer. Because we believe in combining the right talents in multifunctional teams.

Talents wanted Talents wanted

News Award

Trainee team from MT Technologies wins 1st prize in a model competition.

With a creative idea, our model-making trainees won first place at the 2020 "Mobility of the Future" trainee competition. "Design, construct and build a model of transportation for the future that is both practical and environmentally friendly," was the call from the German Association of Model and Mold Making, the sponsor of the competition. Our innovative apprentice team's answer: the main means of transport in cities in the future will be so-called "pods". These are completely autonomous transport capsules that travel on magnetic levitation trains and replace the usual traffic infrastructure in cities. As traffic moves far above, cities will be transformed into extensive pedestrian zones. Parking is far above the city dwellers: The pods use the roofs of houses as parking space and can even be stacked on top of each other. On the ground, there are only the pod stops to let people get on and off the pods. "We are very proud of this award. It's another incentive to continue our very good training program of the past decades at a high level, even in difficult times," says Michael Mißlbeck, CEO of MT Technologies.


Our Clients

Strong Community Ayala Corporation Industrials

A partnership that moves the world.

Since 2017, MT Technologies has been part of the Ayala Group and integrated into AC Industrials, the industrial division of the international Ayala Group. Thanks to this network, MT Technologies has access to a comprehensive range of technologies to play a key role in shaping the upcoming changes in the mobility industry.

Urbanshpere concept car SR Audi

We combine state-of-the-art digital visualization techniques with the highest level of precision craftsmanship. This is also evident in this video, which features Audi's concept car designed by us.